Innovative Technology
YFountain uses budding yeast – a canonical model organism in aging research. We have developed the first-ever high-throughput platform to screen anti-aging substances using replicative lifespan as direct readout. Our innovative technology is able to systematically screen for large number ( ~ 0.5 million in two years) of chemical compounds and natural substances that may extends lifespan.
Proof of Concept
  • We have performed a mall scale screening of two libraries - FDA drugs, bioactive compounds, ~4,000 compounds in total.
  • The blind screening identified several known rapalogs (rapamycin and its derivatives) as positive hits.
  • In addition, we also identified ~ 25 novel positive hits.
  • The novel hits can be group into ~ 6 classes.
  • Novel hits are enriched in the classes, and some are supported by genetic data - gene deletion, gene knockdown etc.
  • Perspective Progress and Milestones