Marketing Specialist

Do you have an eye for marketing? Are you passionate about what makes customers buy products and service? If so, we are seeking a qualified marketing specialist with an enthusiasm for conducting marketing research into customer needs, buying habits and trends. You will be an important member of the marketing team, helping to develop and execute a variety of campaigns aimed at branding, customer targeting, product promotion and more. Put your passion to good use as you use effective marketing principles, tools and tactics. We reward excellent work with a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as the opportunity to develop your own campaigns and exercise creative control.

Job Responsibilities

    Collect data on market competitors, including prices, product sales and sales campaigns, as well as marketing and distribution methods
    Gather and analyze information on customer needs and preferences, as well as demographics and buying habits, with the goal of identifying potential markets for sales
    Develop reports and presentations on findings, create graphics to illustrate important information and translate complex findings and materials into easy-to-understand text
    Develop and execute marketing initiatives to appeal to target audience using appropriate channels such as email, social media and traditional media
    Brainstorm with team members to develop creative ideas for promotional events and campaigns, and liaise with third-party vendors to execute successful events
    Develop means of measuring effectiveness of marketing and promotional campaigns, including advertising and communications strategies
    Attend and contribute to staff conferences to educate management about research findings and discuss proposals for branding and promoting products
    Forecast and track trends in marketing and sales, monitor industry statistics and follow trends in trade literature

Job Skills and Qualifications Required

    Strong communication and interpersonal skills for working with others and liaising with external groups and oversea vendors
    Ability to analyze data and make decisions based on your findings
    Skills in big-data quantitative analysis of market trends and customer interests
    A bachelor’s or equivalent undergraduate degree from accredited university with emphasis in management, communications, statistics, or quantitative analysis
    Ability to create graphic illustrations of complex data using design software
    Knowledge of managing promotional budgets

Interested candidates should send a copy of resume to contact@henniscom.com.

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